About Us

SIMSEA is an on-going program of the International Science Council (ISC), which is a unification of International Council for Science (ICSU) and the International Social Science Council (ISSC). The regional program is hosted at the Marine Science Institute of the University of the Philippines Diliman since it was established in 2015.

For some years now, efforts have been focused on coastal environments and communities barely focusing on the oceanic connectivity between them. The activities of SIMSEA emphasize the water links between the land and people of the region, thereby addressing potential solutions to the still unresolved or lingering problems and concerns in the marginal and inland areas.

The networking, knowledge exchange, and action initiatives that could be developed during the conference would be useful inputs to the regional/global plans for the United Nation’s “Decade of the Ocean”2021-2030.

As a Regional program initiative, it seeks to establish alliances of research institutions and networks of scientists to co‐design projects around the transdisciplinary research questions that contribute to the understanding of topics under the themes of Future Earth (A Dynamic Planet; Global Sustainable Development; and Transformation toward Sustainability, www.futureearth.org). The goal is to build alliances around each marginal sea so that collaborative research can be undertaken at the scale of the marginal sea or in a consortium of experts from natural and social sciences.

For future SIMSEA symposiums or our upcoming events contact SIMSEA secretariat at
02 433- 3689 or email simsea2rs@gmail.com.